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Experience Cisco U's top experts at your fingertips in this on-demand webinar. Explore the most influential tech topics and witness Cisco U in action, delivering tech learning tailored to you.
Session 1: Coding the Future: Unraveling the Magic of Infrastructure as Code

In this session, you will discover how networks have always been defined by their "code." We will explore the concept of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and delve into the world of universal automation tools and their domain-specific languages (DSLs). Get ready to witness demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of these tools, including how they can be used for higher-order orchestration. Our experts will even use Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) as a target, providing you with practical insights.

Session 2: Cybersecurity Insights: Latest Threats and Effective Network Protection Strategies

For the second session, we will delve into the latest cybersecurity threats and discuss effective network protection strategies. Stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable insights on safeguarding your networks. Become your organization's greatest security asset.


The Speakers


Par Merat, Event host

Vice President, Cisco Learning and Certifications
Par Merat is focused on helping IT professionals and software developers learn, innovate, and grow. She is a lifelong learning and technology advocate, and a Cisco veteran with a breadth of experience. She led the Collaboration independent software vendor program, established the Cisco’s successful SolutionsPlus program, was co-founder of Cisco DevNet, and led the DevNet Partner Transformation initiative.

Quinn Snyder

Technical Leader
Quinn is a Technical Advocate in Cisco's Learning and Certifications organization, focused on supporting the community through their certification journey. With over 15 years of industry experience, Quinn has a range of knowledge and insights he is always eager to share. Connect with Quinn on Twitter @qsnyder.

Yuri Kramarz

Principal Engineer, Talos Incident Response
Yuri Kramarz is an information security technical leader and trusted advisor working as part of global Incident Response team at Cisco Talos. He has been dedicated to both offensive and defensive cyber security across a number of different enterprise verticals, such as banking, government, medical, oil and gas, and utilities. He is an active security researcher, with over a hundred publicly disclosed vulnerabilities across different technology stacks.

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